Friday, September 18, 2009

NanoPen may write new chapter in nanotechnology, in business and in our lives

Writing devices such as pen, pencil and even keyboards were so important once but are taken for granted nowadays. They are important communication enablers; we only appreciate their importance when they disappear in those awkward moments someone will give you an important information and you are in the middle of nowhere with a pen.

In this post I'd like to introduce and cite a new concept called "NanoPen" which is now at conceptual stage and discussed for possibilities in the body of knowledge.

Here is an excerpt from the article titled "NanoPen may write new chapter in nanotechnology manufacturing" "Researchers in California are reporting development of a so-called "NanoPen" that could provide a quick, convenient way of laying down patterns of nanoparticles — from wires to circuits — for making futuristic electronic devices, medical diagnostic tests, and other much-anticipated nanotechnology applications."

This just reminded me an episode in SpongeBob where with his pen he creates himself or new creatures; however he regrets at some point!

A NanoPen could change the world but we need to invest a lot of brain power and financial investment on it. What do you see the opportunities, possibilities and implications for such a breakthrough device?


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