Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mysteries of blackholes

I am not only fascinated by mysteries of very tiny things such as atoms, electrons but also very big things such as life itself, the universe and the growing multi-verses. Amazing to see NASA is being so generous and visionary again!

Black Holes are fascinating and mysteries! We know so little about them. The good news is that the American space agency NASA, has approved a new mission to study the mysteries of black holes.

As you may have heard hypothetically or should I say theoretically they were "created when the very black biggest stars explode at the end of their lives, the massive gravity wells suck in anything that ventures too close, crushing and stretching matter at the subatomic level."

So fascinating that "anything falling past a point called the event horizon will fall forever into the black holes singularity, a place where the laws of physics cease to exist, not even light can escape hence the name. They will start "working immediately with a launch in two years time. The new spacecraft will be called the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR. It will use a high energy X-ray telescope in Earth orbit to study black holes." Stay tuned to be informed, of course, it is in my radar; let see how big is a cosmic string is:-)

Here's some background scientific and dramatic background in the mean while about black holes!

Those who cannot see the video, this is how some of us can visualize these mysteries things:

Are you curious about this mystery too? What do you expect as outcome of this study by NASA? They better satisfy our curiosity:-)

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