Saturday, October 18, 2008

Do you want to live longer?

Today, I have created a new club called in Ecademy Radical Paradigm Shift for Life in 2050s.

A number of members sent me private email messages on why should they worry about a far future that they are most likely not be seeing or living in. Then suddenly a vision came to me. This thought inspired me to write this blog. I have started with a question. How can technology help us live longer? And this key question brought an important scientific discipline to my mind which is an interest to me: "Biomedical Gerontology". What does it do?

The purpose of Biomedical gerontology (BG) is to slow, prevent, and reverse aging in both human beings and animals.

BG currently uses two key approaches to achieve its objectives: curing age related diseases and slowing down the underlying processes of aging. Some BG scientists believe the human life span can be altered within the next century. They are considered to be 'Optimists'.

According to some theories in the literature, lifespan could be extended:
-by reducing the rate of aging damage,
-by periodic replacement of damaged tissues,
-by molecular repair
-by rejuvenation of deteriorated cells and tissues.

In my view these functions can be undertaken by some emerging technologies particularly in biomedical arena using the nano-technological techniques. Putting my techno-utopian hat again, I believe [soon] it will be possible to extend life span.

However ethics immediately rings the poignant bells and shows us a fat reality: "What are you going to do with the potential problem of overpopulation?". Then I stop, take a deep breath and start pondering…and as usual ask the audience here:-)

1. Do you believe it is possible to extend life by 2050? Why/Why not?
2. What do you think of longevity? Would you like it or not? Why not?
3. What other factors (apart from technology) can you think of helping with longevity?
4. What is the correlation between our business approach, society and life span vision?
5. How is your business and personal life positioned to help with extending your life span?

We will cover more of this topic in the Radical Paradigm Shift for Life in 2050s.

I added some thought provoking videos below. What do you think of the topics in the following videos?

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